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At CSHS, student wellbeing is at the heart of our work. Recently, we were visited by Rachel Downie, to introduce Stymie to our parents, staff and students. Thank you to the parents who attended the information session, we trust that you will be now well informed about how to assist your student develop safe internet behaviours. Rachel certainly gave us all something to think about. 

The website encourages bystanders to speak up for their peers by making anonymous notifications through their site. The notifications can include evidence such as screen shots of Facebook conversations or text messages, and are automatically forwarded to me at school.  The first point of conversation will be the student who is being bullied - they will know they are not alone.
Director Rachel Downie says, “We never know how deep a person’s level of despair is. Stymie notifications will let the person experiencing harm know that others really care. Parents and schools can give their support earlier in the bullying cycle, rather than when it is too late.”
Stymie offers a sense of safety in the crowd. Their aim is to harness the power of bystanders to change the 'culture of acceptance' of bullying in this country; a problem even the government admits is endemic.
Stymie is working with schools to reduce prolonged periods of harassment and to teach bystanders their social responsibilities in the cycle of bullying, by supporting the launch of their site in schools, with candid information sessions to staff, students and parents.
The site has been built using the guidelines of the Australian Safe Schools Framework.