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Clermont State High School


At Clermont State High School we provide a high quality education designed to equip students for the future, enabling them to contribute socially, economically and culturally to a diverse society.  Clermont State High School promotes Learning for Life.  We prize highly the attributes of Respect and Studentship.  We promote Respect for the Individual, for others and for learning and the learning environment.  We believe in Studentship, and hold the expectation that every student will try to participate to the best of his/her ability.  The school offers a curriculum that provides academic and vocational opportunities for all, and every effort is made to provide courses of study which cater for the needs of all students.  Our vision of excellence is based on setting high expectations of our students and staff and consistently striving for excellence in performance.  We deliver quality teaching through careful lesson planning, the use of effective teaching strategies and the provision of quality Professional Development.  We maintain a safe and orderly school climate with clear expectations of student behaviour and open and effective communication between home and school.  As a result of their education at Clermont State High School, we want our graduates to be confident young people who are equipped for the challenges of the future by being: aspirational, resilient, compassionate and community-minded.
Our Vision
Our vision is to provide Learning Excellence in a Rural Setting where ‘Every student is succeeding’ as we: Aspire to excellence as school leaders, teachers and learners, Believe in the potential of ourselves, our colleagues and our students, Strive to improve upon our current capabilities and Achieve quality outcomes for every student by working together towards this common goal.
· We believe that all students can reach their potential with differentiated support and appropriate challenge
· We believe that all teachers have a responsibility to engage students in learning
· We believe that all school leaders and teachers must set high expectations for themselves and for our students
· We believe in doing our best to support the wellbeing of others
· We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and to be respected and valued
· We believe in the importance of interacting with others within a spirit of cooperation and professional goodwill
· We believe that all students can learn when provided with work at their level
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Mrs Leigh Dyer
Acting Principal

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