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2185_ClermontStateHighSchool_NextStep2016_Summary.pdf2185_ClermontStateHighSchool_NextStep2016_Summary54 KB
2185_ClermontStateHighSchool_NextStepReport 2016.pdf2185_ClermontStateHighSchool_NextStepReport 2016915 KB
Investing for success.pdf2016 - Investing For SuccessInvesting for success476 KB
School Data Collection Plan 2016.doc2016 - School Data Collection PlanSchool Data Collection Plan 2016224 KB
2016 Formal Uniform Policy (Parent Version).pdf2016 Formal Uniform Policy (Parent Version)2016 Formal Uniform Policy (Parent Version)61 KB
Next Step.pdf2016 Next StepNext Step253 KB
2017 Investing for Success - CQR - Clermont State High School.pdf2017 Investing for Success - CQR - Clermont State High School2017 Investing for Success - CQR - Clermont State High School242 KB
next-step-summary-report.pdf2017 Next step summarynext-step-summary-report166 KB
year 10 book req.pdf2018 Year 10 Book Listyear 10 book req360 KB
year 11, 12 book req.pdf2018 Year 11-12 Book Listyear 11, 12 book req435 KB
year 7 book req.pdf2018 Year 7 Book Listyear 7 book req296 KB
year 8 book req.pdf2018 Year 8 Book Listyear 8 book req304 KB
year 9 book req.pdf2018 Year 9 Book Listyear 9 book req328 KB
Enrolment-Agreement.pdfApplication Enrolement AgreementEnrolment-Agreement18 KB
Application-for-Student-Enrolment-form.pdfApplication for Student EnrolmentApplication-for-Student-Enrolment-form336 KB
Parent-Notice-for-Religious-Instruction.pdfApplication Parent Notice for Religious InstructionParent-Notice-for-Religious-Instruction12 KB
Year 7-12 Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Framework 2015.docCurriculum PlanYear 7-12 Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Framework 2015180 KB
Explicit-Instruction.pdfExplicit Instruction at Clermont SHSExplicit-Instruction264 KB
Great Results Guarantee - CQ - Clermont SHS (DG Approved).pdfGreat Results Guarantee - Clermont SHSGreat Results Guarantee - CQ - Clermont SHS (DG Approved)806 KB
Junior-Secondary-Model.pdfJunior Secondary Model at Clermont SHSJunior-Secondary-Model253 KB
2185_ClermontStateHighSchool_NextStep2017.pdfNext Step 20172185_ClermontStateHighSchool_NextStep2017480 KB
2185_ClermontStateHighSchool_NextStep2017_Summary.pdfNext Step 2017_Summary2185_ClermontStateHighSchool_NextStep2017_Summary168 KB
School-wide Pedagogical Framework.docPedagogical FrameworkSchool-wide Pedagogical Framework631 KB
qparents-information.pdfqparents-informationqparents-information159 KB
State-School-Media Consent-Form.pdfState School Media Consent FormState-School-Media Consent-Form74 KB