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2019 Year 7 Booklist.pdf2019 Year 7 Booklist317 KB
2019 Year 8 Booklist.pdf2019 Year 8 Booklist316 KB
2019 Year 9 Booklist.pdf2019 Year 9 Booklist317 KB
2019 Year 10 Booklist.pdf2019 Year 10 Booklist332 KB
2019 Year 11 12 Booklist.pdf2019 Year 11 12 Booklist367 KB
2019 Prospectus.pdf2019 Prospectus542 KB
2019 Clermont SHS Enrolment Form.pdf2019 Clermont SHS Enrolment Form5586 KB
I4S - CQR - Clermont State High School.pdf2018- Investing for Sucess I4S - CQR - Clermont State High School62 KB
next-step-summary-report.pdf2018 Next step summarynext-step-summary-report231 KB
2018 School Improvement Unit - Executive Summary.pdf2018 School Improvement Unit - Executive Summary 2018 School Improvement Unit - Executive Summary523 KB
2018 School Improvement Unit - Review Report.pdf2018 School Improvement Unit - Review Report2018 School Improvement Unit - Review Report597 KB
2019 CH school sports calendar of trials.pdf2019 CH school sports calendar of trials2019 CH school sports calendar of trials53 KB
Clermont SHS Complaints and Appeals Policy.pdfClermont SHS Complaints and Appeals PolicyClermont SHS Complaints and Appeals Policy27 KB
CSHS RBP_Final.pdfCSHS Responsible Behaviour Plan 2018CSHS RBP_Final167 KB
Explicit-Instruction.pdfExplicit Instruction at Clermont SHSExplicit-Instruction264 KB
qparents-information.pdfqparents-informationqparents-information159 KB
2019-Update-student-details-form.pdfUpdate Student Details Form2019-Update-student-details-form72 KB
2019-10into11-Subject-Selection.pdfYear 10 into 11 and Senior Course Information2019-10into11-Subject-Selection1820 KB
2019-9-10-Coursebook.pdfYear 8 into 9 and Year 9 into 10 Course Information2019-9-10-Coursebook1562 KB